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Hydraforce: Post Hole Diggers

Multifunction Head Stock

* With up to 8 different attachments:
Hydraforce Post Hole Digger with Pengo Auger Tips
Shear Bolt Single Tyne Ripper
2 ft Forsyth Multiseeder Pasture Planter
Single &/or Twin Tyne Round Bale Spear
Polythene Layer
Jib Crane
Wide 4" front tool bar to suit Chisel/Ripper Tynes
Forsyth Motors offer custom made augers or Pengo 35 series fully forged replacement teeth such as;
Standard Dirt Tooth
5T30 Chisel Tooth
5T30C Chisel Point
RB36 Ridge-Breaker
Standard & Tungsten Augers are available with:
Top Auger Flighting = 6mm thick
Lower Auger Flighting = 8mm thick
Hydraforce post hole digger in hard rocky conditions. Handles all types of conditions